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GiveBIG to the Arboretum on Tuesday, May 6

[note title=”HOW TO DONATE ON MAY 6″ align=”center” width=”600″]Donating to the Arboretum during GiveBIG is easy. Just visit the Arboretum Foundation’s secure page on the Seattle Foundation website anytime from midnight to midnight on May 6, and make a donation.[/note]

Please support the Arboretum during GiveBIG!

Please support the Arboretum during GiveBIG. Click the logo above to give!

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is an annual, daylong, online giving event, now in its third year. Last May’s event raised just under $20,000 for the Arboretum. This year, we’re hoping to raise even more to support tree care and kids’ education in the Arboretum.

A great day to give: This year’s giveBIG is on Tuesday, May 6, and it’ll be a great day to give to the Arboretum Foundation! Because of $19,000 in matching gifts from generous donors, as well as pro-rated matching funds from the Seattle Foundation, your donation will go even further toward helping our mission.

This year, we're using a yard sign campaign to raise awareness about the Arboretum's need for donated funds.

This year, we’re using yard signs to raise awareness about the Arboretum’s need for donated funds.

Funds for new dollars! $15,000 of our matching funds have been designated for new dollars. In other words, if you didn’t donate to the Arboretum during the 2013 GiveBIG, your entire donation this year will be matched one-for-one up to $15,000. If you did give to us during last year’s GiveBIG, then any extra dollars you donate to us this time will count one-for-one toward the match.

Thanks to our matching fund donors! Special thanks to Pat and Marcus Meier, our neighbors in Broadmoor and frequent users of the Arboretum, who made $10,000 of the new-dollar match available. Thanks also to three anonymous donors, who together have pledged an additional $9,000 in matching funds.