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Winning Image Will Become an Arboretum Postcard!

Contest Entry Deadline Extended through Sunday, April 15!

In celebration of the Arboretum Loop Trail Grand Opening on Sunday April 8—and to help launch our new Instagram page—we are hosting an online Loop-Trail-themed photo contest.

To enter, simply take an awesome photo of the new Loop Trail and post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #looptrailcontest.

Tag the photo to one of our social media pages, too, so we’ll receive a notification about your post.

Instagram: @SeattleArboretum
Facebook: @Arboretum.Found
Twitter: @ArboretumFound

Participants can enter as many photos as they like into the competition.

Grand prize: The winning photo will be used to create a printed postcard that will be sold in the Gift Shop to raise funds in support of the Arboretum.

Contest time frame: The contest runs now through the end of Sunday, April 8 [now 4/15/18]. So you can join us for the Grand Opening event and take your best shot!!

Our new postcard series!

Photo subject matter: Entries can feature plants, people*, or other animals—or all of the above. The only subject-matter requirement for an entry is that the photo be taken on the newly constructed section of the Arboretum Loop Trail.

Photo specs: Photo entries can be orientated horizontally or vertically. Since the winning photo will be printed, entries need to be high-resolution images, at least 2 MB in size.

Emailing entries: If you prefer to send your entry by email, send it to info@arboretumfoundation.org, with the subject line “loop trail photo contest.”

Judging: The Arboretum Foundation staff will decide the winner of the contest. The number of “likes” and “shares” a photo receives online will be a deciding factor.

Reprint permission & photo credit: Contestants grant the Arboretum Foundation permission to use their photos for online and print purposes. The winning contestant grants the Arboretum Foundation permission to use their photo to create a postcard for the purposes of Arboretum fundraising. Photographers will be properly credited for any photo use, including credit for the winning postcard photo.

* Photos of people: If a contestant takes a photo of a person’s face, they need to ask permission from that person to use the photo publicly before submitting the image for consideration in the competition.