Happy shoppers at the 2018 FallAbundance sale.

More than 400 visitors attended our Fall Plant Sale on Saturday, September 8, and helped us raise $6,300 in support of maintenance needs and children’s environmental education at the Arboretum.

The weather was kind to us, and shoppers turned out in force to purchase the high-quality shrubs, perennials, and young trees offered by the volunteers in our Pat Calvert Greenhouse and Plant Donations Nursery. Many were first-time customers who found out about the event via Facebook or saw our signs around the neighborhood.

We sold over 1,000 plants, totaling more than $5,300. We raised an additional $1,000 through generous donations (110 altogether) at checkout and through the sale of new memberships (welcome to the Arboretum family!).

“The Arboretum Shop also saw a boost from the sale this weekend,” says our Volunteer Programs Manager, Alyssa Henry, “with over $1,000 of business on Saturday and over $700 on Sunday. We sold about $250 more in plants on Saturday after the sale ended, and lots of visitors made purchases of jewelry, books and gifts. All-in-all, the sale was a big hit!”

Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped in support of Washington Park Arboretum! A special thanks to our amazing crew of volunteers, without which this event would never happen!

MORE PHOTOS: See lots more event photos on our Facebook page.