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Did you know you that Washington Park Arboretum becomes a 230-acre outdoor classroom every school year?

It’s true! Thanks to the Arboretum’s Environmental Education Program, thousands of local K-6 students come here each year and learn about the essential role that plants, forests, and wetlands play in our environment. Nature-based learning brings textbooks to life and encourages students to appreciate the natural world and enjoy outdoor activities.

The Arboretum Foundation is committed to keeping these field trips affordable for all students. In addition to our overall program support, Scholarship and Bus Funds enable children from underserved schools to participate in the Arboretum’s acclaimed field trips.

It costs $15 to bring a local student to the Arboretum on a field trip. Your gift of $30 can help us bring two students here to learn about the environment. For $300, you can bring an entire class!

On this national day of giving, please donate to keep education and conservation programs growing at Washington Park Arboretum. Whether you give $15, $30, or $300, your support gives the gift of the Arboretum to everyone in our community.

Thanks for listening!

Lee Benner
Development Director
Arboretum Foundation.