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M54 Trailhead composting toilet


We are delighted to announce that the Foundation has just been awarded a grant of $22,200 from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) for the proposed addition of an environmentally friendly composting toilet near the Pacific Connections Garden.

The proposed composting toilet system would alleviate the lack of facilities in the south end of the Arboretum while reducing water waste, promoting sustainable practices, and providing a gender-neutral option for the Park.

Currently, visitors access public restrooms in the Arboretum either at the Graham Visitors Center or the Seattle Japanese Garden, approximately a mile apart. The location adjacent to Pacific Connections would offer visitors a third, more central option and be convenient to the Arboretum Loop Trail, which opened to the public in 2018.

We are looking at a model similar to the M54 Trailhead toilet, manufactured by Clivus Multrum—the same kind installed at the Center for Urban Horticulture and the Picardo P-Patch here in Seattle. The unit is solar powered and doesn’t require any connection to a water main, which makes it ideal for the location in the middle of the park. The plan would be to place it in the area behind the decorative metal screens near the bus turn-around at Pacific Connections.

The NMF grant will enable us to go through a review process with Seattle Parks and Recreation to examine the specifics of the plan and, if all goes well, get final approval on the placement of the unit.

Help fund the loo! The Arboretum Foundation has committed to matching $12,540 of the NMF grant through private gifts and volunteer time spent prepping the site for installation and cleaning up afterwards. We are actively soliciting donations for the project. If you’re interested in contributing, please contact us at 206-325-4510 or info@arboretumfoundation.org.