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  • Hidden Treasure of the Arboretum: Mountain Stewartia

Stewartias are among the stars of the summer-flowering season at the Arboretum. While the Asian stewartia species in the main grove on the southern edge of the Camellia Collection justifiably receive a lot of praise, the lesser-known mountain stewartia (Stewartia ovata) from the southeastern U.S., growing nearby, deserves accolades as well.

You’ll find four specimens of mountain stewartia tucked in and around Rhododendron Glen. The species doesn’t possess the stunning bark of Stewartia monadelpha or S. pseudocamellia, however it produces a flower of extraordinary beauty, and the fall foliage is not too shabby either.

Read about species and the specimens in the Arboretum—one of which was designated a national champion for its height in 2004—in the latest issue of the Arboretum Bulletin.