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  • Hidden Treasure of the Arboretum: Sichuan Mountain Ash

PHOTO: Sorbus setschwanensis blooming in the Arboretum in May.

The Arboretum’s prized mountain ash (Sorbus) collection is in flower. One of the more unusual species in the collection is the Sichuan mountain ash (Sorbus sichuanensis), from the highlands of western China. With subtle, white flowers in May that develop into handsome white berries by late summer, the small tree’s most noteworthy feature is its tiny, delicate, fern-like foliage.

In the latest Arboretum Bulletin, Foundation staffer Jason Morse profiles the species and tells you where to find it in the Arboretum. He also discusses the Sichuan region and how it became a hotspot for biodiversity and horticultural introductions.