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Jim Olsen receiving his award the greenhouse’s monthly potluck on Halloween.

Congratulations to Jim Olsen, winner of our 2023 Volunteer of the Year Award! Our volunteer programs manager, Lily King, presented the award to Jim at the Pat Calvert Greenhouse’s monthly pot luck this Halloween (which explains her costume above).

Jim has volunteered at the greenhouse for almost a decade, helping propagate plants from the Arboretum collection that are then sold to the public to raise important funds for our core programs.

Jim commutes three hours from and back to Enumclaw multiple times a week to perform his tasks.

According to his fellow greenhouse volunteers, Jim always arrives with a smile, doesn’t ask what needs to be done, but simply pitches in, working both on the fun stuff —like prepping cuttings and potting—and the mundane tasks like scrubbing old labels, washing pots, and scraping mold from slippery walkways.

Jim, with some of his fellow Pat Calvert volunteers in spring 2023.

Twice a year, Jim borrows a trailer from his neighbor in Enumclaw and hauls soil and pumice to the greenhouse, eliminating the supplier’s delivery charge.

“He brings kindness, good humor, and generosity to the greenhouse community. We also greatly appreciate his home baking and the fresh garden produce he shares.”

Jim cares about the Arboretum, but also the volunteers and staff, checking in on them to see how they’re doing.

Jim also carved the pumpkin for the potluck!!

Thanks Jim—and to all the wonderful volunteers who make the Arboretum possible!

Volunteer Info: To learn about volunteering opportunities at the Arboretum, click here.