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  • Pacific Ninebark: A Beautiful Four-Season Native Shrub

Pacific ninebark blooming in the Arboretum in early June. (Photo by Niall Dunne

Whether in a garden landscape or the wilds of the coastal Pacific Northwest, the bright splash of late-spring blooms produced by the Pacific ninebark (Physocarpus capitatus) is a floral show well worth seeing. The shrub’s profuse, snowball-like clusters of white flowers appear in May and June, making this the perfect time to seek out the plant at Washington Park Arboretum—or in its natural habitats, which include stream banks, wet meadows, and the edges of moist, lowland forests.

However, lovely spring flowers aren’t the only draw! This fast-growing, adaptable native species has many other features to admire and is a true, four-season wonder. In the latest issue of the Arboretum Bulletin, nature educator Theodore Hoss profiles Pacific ninebark, writing about its ecology, indigenous uses, and adaptability for the home garden.