2022 Fall Appeal

Nature—Our Best Teacher

“Nature has been for me, as long as I can remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.”

—Lorraine Anderson

Dear Friend of the Arboretum

Nature is our best teacher, and the Washington Park Arboretum offers us not only much-needed solace and respite but also many valuable lessons. When we observe trees and animals in nature, we learn how to embrace stillness, practice patience, be resilient, respect diversity, and treat others with empathy.

As Seattle’s living classroom, the Arboretum offers children and adults a unique venue to engage with the natural world. Our environmental education programs teach students of all ages how to be mindful in nature—and about the vital role plants, forests, and wetlands play in the urban environment. Our volunteer programs bring individuals and groups together with horticulture staff to help restore the ecology and natural health of the Arboretum’s plant collections and watershed.

Foundation members and donors support our core horticulture, education, and volunteer programs and ensure that the Arboretum’s teachings are available to all. Please consider donating to the Arboretum Foundation as we listen, learn, and share the joy of nature. Together we can achieve our vision as a highly treasured, widely used community asset and a horticultural, environmental, recreational, and cultural resource for the region.

I look forward to seeing you in the Arboretum!

With gratitude,

Jane Stonecipher
Executive Director
Arboretum Foundation

Arboretum Partners do a vine cutting ceremony to open the Arboretum's new Loop Trail

ABOVE: Storytime at the Arboretum’s nature preschool. (Photo courtesy UW Botanic Garden)

BANNER IMAGE: High schoolers from the Student Conservation Association restoring Arboretum Creek in summer 2022.