2022 Spring Appeal

Invest In What’s Important!

May 2022

Dear Arboretum Friend,

For many of us, what’s truly important is quality time to connect with our inner selves and with those we care about—and yet there never seems to be the time to do it. With all the distractions, debates, and devices, weeks and months can pass in a blur of urgent demands on our attention. In our homes, it can be a battle to unplug and listen.

This is one of the reasons why the Washington Park Arboretum is such a special place. Right here, in the middle of the city, is a haven big and quiet enough to cut out all the noise. Walk along the leafy paths of Rhododendron Glen, and the pace of life eases and perspective takes the wheel. The blooms of spring coax our awareness forward, nurturing us so that we are better able to reflect, to give, and to care.

Your donation supports this essential space. A space for individuals and families to reconnect. A space where people can detach from the commotion of the urgent and tune into what’s important.

If the Arboretum is important to you, please make a gift today. Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,

Jane Stonecipher
Executive Director
Arboretum Foundation

p.s. For first-time donors, gifts of $35 and more will count towards a membership of the Arboretum Foundation.

“While I have always supported the Arboretum Foundation, just how critical this amazing space is became crystal clear to me during the COVID-19 outbreak.  I was able to safely exercise, reflect and get some space from the pandemic in a gorgeous space transitioning from winter to spring.  Being surrounded by such beauty and nature has really helped me cope with the crisis.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ”