Ways to Give

Partner with us to help steward the Arboretum

We often hear about the restorative power of spending time in nature. A growing body of scientific evidence supports it. Right now, perhaps more than ever, we all appreciate the importance of free access to thriving green spaces in our growing urban environment for the health and well-being of our citizens and communities.

The Washington Park Arboretum is one of our most treasured restorative places. Your support helps to make it possible!

You can make a difference and help preserve the Arboretum in many ways, from joining as a member of the Arboretum Foundation to making a bequest to purchasing a commemorative tree. Act today and join the Arboretum’s extended family, and help steward this treasured community asset and urban ecosystem.

Become a Member

Think Forever! Act Today! Foundation members enjoy a range of great benefits while helping to sustain the Arboretum. An annual membership also makes a great gift. Your membership helps support the tree care program, garden collections, renovation projects, environmental education, and volunteer programs.

Individual Giving

Tax-deductible gifts made by members of the public are vitally important to sustaining the Arboretum. Gifts to our annual/unrestricted fund are used to support the general operations of the Arboretum Foundation and the Arboretum. Each year, the Foundation board designates a portion of the annual fund to support the basic needs of the Arboretum, including gardeners, tree care, and youth environmental education programs. The fund is also used to support special needs and initiatives, such as winter-storm recovery and the purchase of necessary horticulture tools and equipment.

In addition, donors can give to restricted funds that support specific programs, such as Environmental Education, Arboretum Arborists and Maintenance, and the Seattle Japanese Garden.

For more information, email us at giving@arboretumfoundation.org or call 206-325-4510.

Make a gift today.

IRA Charitable Rollover

Supporting the Arboretum Foundation through your IRA is not complicated. If you are 70½ or greater, you can donate up to $100,000, and it will not be considered as federally taxable income to you. There are simple steps to make this tax-savvy donation happen.

For more information on transferring from your IRA to the Arboretum Foundation, email us at giving@arboretumfoundation.org or call 206-325-4510.

Stock Transfer

A gift of stock to foster Washington Park Arboretum is another great way you can invest in your community. It’s easy, effective, and tax deductible. Gifts of stock and securities provide a stable source of investment income that help sustain the Arboretum for future generations. Learn more about how your broker can transfer securities by wire directly to the Arboretum Foundation.

Donor Advised Fund

Do you have a donor advised fund (DAF)? If so, it’s easy to donate directly to the Arboretum Foundation via the web application DAF Direct. Visit our donate page and use the app to make a donation from a participating DAF.

Matching Gifts

Does your employer have a matching gift program? You may be able to double or triple your gift to the Arboretum Foundation by taking advantage of this program. Some employers may match gifts from retirees.

If you have questions about whether your company will match your gift, please contact your company’s human resources department. To speak with someone at the Foundation about matching gifts, please email us or call us at 206-325-4510.

Volunteer grants: Some companies provide grant money to qualifying nonprofits where its employees volunteer. Contact your HR department to find out if your employer offers this benefit.

Planned Giving

You don’t need to be wealthy to make a significant impact on the Arboretum and/or Japanese Garden. Just as annual memberships of all levels help provide critical sustaining funds, your planned gift (of any amount) will help ensure a vibrant Arboretum and Garden in the years to come. Learn more.

Commemorative Giving

The Arboretum Foundation offers unique giving opportunities for commemorating or celebrating a loved one or special occasion, while providing critical support to sustain the  Arboretum. Tribute gifts of any amount are always welcome. Our commemorative tree and bench programs offer places of physical beauty in the Arboretum for friends and family members to honor their loved ones or mark a special occasion. Learn more.

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