Foundation Units

Friend groups supporting our Arboretum mission

Arboretum Foundation Units have played an integral role in the success of the Arboretum Foundation since the late 1930s. They raise vital funds for the Arboretum, participate in Foundation-sponsored events, increase awareness of the Foundation’s mission among the public, and provide volunteer staffing for grounds and collection maintenance. They also operate as educational resources, providing their members with opportunities to learn more about plants and gardening.

There are currently 14 active units (see below). They meet monthly or quarterly, depending upon the wishes of the group. All members of units must be Arboretum Foundation members! Individuals send their Foundation dues directly to the Arboretum Foundation office, or they are welcome to sign up to become a member online. Separate unit dues may be collected to cover the costs of activities within the Unit. Funds raised by units are directed to the support of the Arboretum and its programs. A “Wish List” is available should units prefer to designate their funds to a specific project or need.

Each unit elects its own officers, designs its own programs, and holds separate meetings. The officers of a unit can include: Chair, Program Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Telephone Chair. The Program Chair is responsible for designing programs of interest to the unit, which may include lectures, garden tours, book reviews, propagation workshops, and guided tours in the Arboretum.

Officers are usually elected in late spring. Units are encouraged to provide their officers with written job descriptions so that there will be continuity among these positions within the unit from year to year. Names of officers, as well as a complete up-to-date roster of members, should be sent to the Arboretum Foundation office by late summer.

For further information about units, please contact us by email or phone at 206-325-4510.

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Active Units

AF Unit 1/75 – Juanita Graham Unit

AF Unit 5 – Margaret Mulligan Unit

AF Unit 16 – Myrtle DeFriel Unit

AF Unit 22 – Woodway Unit

AF Unit 26 – Lillian McEwan Unit/Bainbridge Island

AF Unit 38 – Vashon Island Unit

AF Unit 52 – Couples Unit

AF Unit 69 – Edmonds/Lynnwood Unit

AF Unit 74 – Pat Ballard Unit

AF Unit 80

AF Unit 86 – Prentice Bloedel Unit

AF Unit 95 – Twigs Garden Club

AF Unit 96 – Mary Thorne Unit

AF Unit 98 – Tacoma/Gig Harbor Unit